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Vermont Trails and Greenways Council

The Vermont Trails and Greenways Council serves as your voice for recreation, trails and conservation in partnership with public land managers. 

The Vermont Trails and Greenways Council (VTGC) is an independent advisory body that works with the Vermont Agency of Forest Parks and Recreation (FPR) to support Vermont Trails and Outdoor Recreation. The Council was founded as a  nonprofit made up of a wide range of Vermont trail organizations. Our primary mission is to ensure that people will always have access to the trails and landscape of Vermont. This mission is driven by a commitment to trails as critical infrastructure for Vermont communities in ensuring better health, sustainable economies, and an increased commitment to conservation. 

Early in its development, VTGC took on some important statutory responsibilities. The Council formally serves in an advisory capacity for FPR with a focus on three primary advisory roles: 

1. Supporting the allocation of federal funds through the Recreational Trails Program of the Federal Highway Department;

2. Overseeing the Vermont Trail System with a focus on making recommendations about membership, trails standards and how to best maintain, build and advocate for trails in Vermont; and 

3. Encouraging and supporting educational programs about Vermont trails and outdoor recreation. 

The Council is organized around a core Board with outreach to a broader group of trails-related  stakeholders throughout the state, including individuals, towns, nonprofits and some for-profit businesses. The current membership includes organizations responsible for more than 100,000 volunteer hours, over 70% of our public trails, and the infrastructure for outdoor recreation as one of our most important industries, providing  more than 50,000 jobs in Vermont. 

VTGC Vermont State Statute (click here)


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Membership in the VTGC is important. We need your voice, ideas and support to make sure we are leading the way regarding active leadership for trail building, land and forest stewardship and safe and healthy outdoor recreation.

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Our byLaWs can be found in the link below.

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